Hi, I'm Janice

Chances are my name poses a challenge for you, so to start us off on the right foot, here’s a hint: juh-neece buh-kweh-tiss

I grew up in San Diego. You can easily identify me as a West coast transplant by my calm demeanor. My two older sisters are still in California with my adorable nephew & niece, Ethan & Zoë. On the other side of the globe, my parents have happily retired in the Philippines.

In May 2017 on Memorial Day weekend, I married Ben Clark. Our family and friends flew in from Georgia, North Carolina, and California to celebrate with us at Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg. In our 10 years together, this was the first time our families met.


I’ve worked at startups like Yelp, Clover, Buddy Media, Rent the Runway, Managed by Q, and Bravely. I’m currently on the lookout for my next great adventure.

You won’t find the following jobs on my résumé or my LinkedIn profile, but I did my fair share of dabbling before entering the “real world.” I’ve also worked as:

  • A bank teller
  • A server in a retirement home
  • A receptionist in a martial arts studio
  • An office assistant at a garage door installation company
  • A flower delivery girl
  • A librarian’s assistant (a.k.a. a putter-back of books)

Fun facts

  • Nicknames: Neece, J-Nice, JB, J
  • I was the “Mixed Berry” girl in a Dasani Drop ad
  • Ben & I have worked together at the same company 3 consecutive times
  • My sisters & I are all named after locally-famous Filipino actresses
  • My handwriting is so small and neat that people almost always mistake it for computer type
  • Coolest places I’ve traveled:


My life in snapshots: